The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s do more good, together

Unified as one team under the umbrella of love, we can do more good for our world than separately on our own.

News reports reveal that there are millions of charities who are fundraising with the same tools, techniques and programs, all competing for the same donations. The public is becoming exhausted as they are inundated with countless requests for donations. Instead of this encouraging more giving, it is having the opposite effect. While some are successful in isolated fundraising campaigns, other wonderful charities that are doing beautiful work are struggling to stay afloat.

Running on Love is a charity that offers a solution. We gather people and charities together under one unified umbrella of love to create a powerful giving community. We mentor them to dedicate their fundraising campaign and participation in honor or in memory of a loved one, and we ask them to speak from their hearts; by speaking and acting with love, others are inspired to give from their hearts too. This is an empowering opportunity for both the participant and the giver, and instead of feeling depleted it leaves everyone with a feeling of satisfaction.

Help us grow a worldwide movement of people who feel good about giving and who are dedicated to expressing their love in a deeply beautiful way. Unified together, we will give love, touch lives and heal our world.

Lori Michelle

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