Who is Being Go(o)d?

It depends upon the day.

On a morning stroll I watched a driver trying to get his orientation when he noticed he was approaching a traffic light. A man across the street from me saw the driver pausing so he began to cross even though his light said “Do Not Walk”. The driver saw that he had a green light, but when he saw this man crossing, he politely jammed on his brakes and allowed him to go.

As the man walked across the street he muttered indignantly at the driver “Well are you going to stop or what! Make up your mind!” Incredibly he was the one who was at fault, but instead of giving the driver a nod of thanks, he angrily grunted at him as though the driver was the one who owed the apology.

I walked away from this encounter and imagined who the driver might be. Perhaps he was somebody’s husband, son, or father. Maybe he was a kind and loving family man. On a better morning could the foul-mouthed belligerent pedestrian be a kind gentleman too?

On any given day the roles of these two men might be reversed. The polite driver might be the man who was crossing the street choosing to be indignant and rude. On a better day, the nasty pedestrian might choose to be the polite driver who graciously let someone cross the street.

In any given moment we choose to behave like the godly creation we were meant to be. In another moment, we succumb to a wrongful inclination that separates us and provokes anger and hostility. By looking for the best in ourselves and others in every moment, we can avoid misunderstandings and baseless hatred. Our free will provides us choices in every single moment. The next time we’re faced with a decision, let’s choose to pause to see our surroundings clearly then strive to be as go(o)d as we were meant to be.


-Lori Michelle



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