When your best just isn’t enough… who loses?

Sometimes your best effort comes up short of what you want. I came to Israel to run the full 26.2 miles in the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, March 21st, 2014 in loving memory of my father. They had a strict 6 hour time limit. After suffering a 24 hour bug the day before, along with a painful foot issue, my pace was just too slow. I was swept and forced to finish at 18.24 miles.

People often call me a runner and think that Running on Love is all about running. Both are far from the truth. Running on Love is a metaphor for what we all run on, Love. It is the elixir that gives us the strength to go forward when we feel we can’t go on. I’m not a great runner but I run on love. Love propels me forward and is the juice I use to go any distance in order to show how much I care.

When I decided to Run on Love in Jerusalem to honor my dad, I thought nothing would stop me. I tried but the daunting hills along with health issues caused me to stop too many times and kept me from completing the full 26.2. Did I fail? Perhaps I did to some. For me, this serves as fodder to try again next year in Jerusalem and even work to get a team of Running on Lovers to join me. Now that’s a plan!

We all attempt to do our best but sometimes our best results are less than what we want. In the end you can decide to get what you need. I will use this experience in Jerusalem to continue doing charity in memory of my father for the next year and try to conquer those daunting hills again in 2015. So I ask you, who lost? Not me!

Lori Michelle

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