What do you do when no one is watching… and what if they were?

After a long summer run I found myself very dehydrated. As I drove home a powerful craving for a diet cola came over me. I had sworn off diet sodas for good¬†because they are replete with chemicals that are harmful to your health and I made my daughter promise to give them up too. Here I was having an enormous craving like I hadn’t had in a very long time.

I stopped at a store, walked over to the refrigerator and saw all the healthier choices like water and juice, but the diet colas were calling my name. Nobody was around to watch me. I could down a can before I ever got home and nobody would ever know. Ugh! I couldn’t take it. “What is one diet soda going to do to me anyway?” I thought. I purchased my diet cola and headed back to my car.

It was cold and refreshing and tasted so good, at first. After a few swigs the guilt set in. “Why am I drinking this toxic poison? I told my daughter not to drink this anymore and here I am doing exactly the opposite!” I set it aside made it home without having one more sip.

Running on Love encourages and mentors its participants to publicly show their love by fundraising and actively supporting charity. You’re saying to the world I am going to do this activity and fundraise for a great cause as an act of love so please watch my every move. By stating your intentions aloud, you are enlisting the help of people you know, love, and respect. They are now watching you. Accountability, what a magnificent tool to help us follow through!

Lori Michelle

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