Unified by LOVE

Watching the news these days can be deeply troubling. Television and internet stories about terror and murder are circulating at a frantic pace, serving to increase fear and hatred. They are stirring our emotions in ways that make many of us feel helpless. What exactly are we supposed to do with this heartbreaking information? Sometimes when watching the news I feel like I am watching an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie and have no ability to change the outcome. I am left wondering how I can possibly do anything to repair what seems irrevocably broken.

On the flip side of this, I often click through the pictures in our Running on Love photo gallery to see so many smiling faces. The pictures remind me of how wonderful people truly are, and that we all have a choice: to be filled with love or filled with fear. Running on Love’s mission is to give men, women and children of all ages, all races, nationalities and religious affiliations the opportunity to connect under the umbrella of love. At Running on Love we join together in the name of love, the common thread that draws no distinctions between us. Like our human spirit, love is the invisible connector that we all feel and understand. It’s the common language that unifies us all into one magnificent family.

The next time we feel helpless while watching news stories that make us recoil in fear and doubt, let’s remember that we do have a choice. Let’s live true to our invisible nature and choose to be unified by LOVE.

-Lori Michelle

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