Stepping in it and moving forward!

On a morning run I was enjoying the trails feeling great and thinking about what I should write in my weekly blog. A stone had apparently lodged into my sneaker so I reached down to flick it away. Later I reached into my fuel belt and went to take a swig when I smelled that smell. A smell you don’t want to smell when you are ingesting anything! I realized what I had flicked away with my finger was none other than dog poop! Ugh! The only words that came to mind were 4 letter expletives!

I had a choice to make. Do I curse a blue streak and think terrible thoughts about every dog owner in the area? Should I engage in thoughts about how inconsiderate someone was when they didn’t clean up after their pet? This could put me in a terrible mood and ruin my mood and my entire morning. On the flip side, I could move forward. How did the metaphor “Stepping in it” become a positive thing anyway? Someone had to choose it.

When I got back to my car I reached for a box of tissues to clean off my shoe. To my surprise I looked to find the bottom of my sneaker was completely clean. There was not a trace of the offense! Amazing I thought. You would never know what had happened here this morning.

There was my epiphany. When the unthinkable happens, I can choose to put one foot in front of the other and continue in forward motion. Eventually I will to leave the mess behind! “Stepping in it” now has a great meaning for me too!

Lori Michelle

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