Saying “I” in “I love you”

Expressing your love by saying “I love you” to someone else feels wonderful. Receiving the message feels almost intoxicating. Following up your words with actions is even better. I have previously written a blog about saying “I love you” and asked how often it is o.k. for people to utter those 3 words. Last night I was thinking more about exactly how to express them.

My dad always taught me that you can’t say “I love you” often enough. You never know what tomorrow will bring and you don’t want these words left unsaid, ever. How you say them to someone can make an even bigger impact on the person who hears it. It carries a different feeling when you say the “I” in the statement “I love you”.

When you choose to say all 3 of these words together it is a stronger message. If you put a person’s name after the word “love” it is also more touching. My cousin just wrote “love you Lori” on my Facebook page yesterday. Whoa! It was like cupid’s arrow struck me. We hadn’t spoken in years but just adding my name to this note and saying “love you Lori” sent me back in time to when we were children and she was like a big sister to me. The message was deeply felt. I replied with “I love you”. I am so grateful and moved by her note. I hope she felt cupid’s arrow returned right back to her.

Next time you express your love to someone try this out. Try saying the full “I love you” without leaving out the “I” and see how it feels. If you say I love you in a more powerful way, just imagine how meaningful it will be to the other person. You may just make their day. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Lori Michelle


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