Running on Love isn’t just an organization I am a part of… It is now a part of me.

My name is Stefany. I am a 25 year old with a love for charity, donating, giving back & raising awareness for diseases. You’re probably wondering how or even why I became apart of this organization. My love & passion for health & running was a major part of this decision for me. But here is the how: I discovered “Running on Love” while in a determined search to find a runner’s club/group I knew I would enjoy being apart of. I guess you can say I was not just in a determined search to find one but one that was going to be the perfect match (for me) as well.

With that said here is exactly where I had happily stumbled upon “Running on Love”. And trust me it was pure – instant love. Running on Love started out as just a runners club for me. I would meet with a group of other individuals who loved running just as much as I did (if even not more so) on Sunday mornings starting at 7:00 or 7:30 AM to run in a beautiful park with gorgeous – breathtaking trails. I did not just love the fact that I was now running with others (trust me solo-runs are very beloved here) but that I was now apart of a group & organization where I supported the mission & was more than proud to be apart of. If not honored. It was not like any other charity organization I have heard of, read about or saw.

It was different & unique (a rare kind) & this is how I knew I would fit right in! So I had made the decision to join “Running On Love” & soon after fell in love with the organization. Our mission is to raise awareness for diseases & noble charity causes by giving love back in honor of the people we love or loved (who are forever in our hearts). It is self-explanatory: we run on love (love fuels us here) for “Running on Love” for the people we love.

Running on Love isn’t just an organization I am apart of. It is now apart of me. This organization & the kindhearted people I have met along the way (big hugs – kisses & “extra squeezes” to the owner Lori & her wonderful daughter Melissa) have taught me so much. It has not only taught me more about giving back to others & raising more awareness for the unfortunate diseases out there that people are diagnosed with & suffering from everyday. But it has made me a better – stronger individual. I am more thankful & appreciative to all of the blessings in my life. I guess you can say in a way my involvement with this organization (& the people) has helped me to find my voice & life passions a little more. I now stand up & use my voice for what I believe in, love & have passions for. Especially for the ones that really matter all because of “Running on Love”. Running on Love has showed me & given me more love & my mission is to give back the same.

I have been apart of this organization since 2013. This past year (MAY 2014) was my 1ST 5K Event with “Running on Love” that I had participated in by running & raising awareness along with donations for Diabetes Research in honor of my Grandfather who unfortunately has Diabetes. My donations were sent to: The American Diabetes Association.

This year I am raising awareness & donations for MS better known as Multiple Sclerosis for an Aunt of mine who suffers from the disease. For those of you who do not know Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). All donations raised this year will actually be donated to the exact same beneficiary (National MS Society) she raises awareness & donations for each year for an MS walk she participates in on the West Coast where she lives. I am “Running on Love” for the people I love. I hope you will join the mission to raise more awareness with “Running on Love” with me or for the people you love as well.



Stefany Stoffel

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