Pure LOVE…I’m a Believer

In my life I have loved many. Even so, true love seems to elude me. I’ve read posts on social media written to people that sound warm, beautiful and filled with lots of symbols, exclamations and words of love, but I sometimes find myself wondering if it’s true.

Most people I know are loving but do they love purely? Pure love is outward and not about ourselves. Relationships for some people are an extension of themselves and not about the people they say they love. Conditions and requirements they place on others are a form of control and not true love at all.

Many people say they love us only if we speak the same language, show up at the appropriate occasions, behave in a way they deem correct, and share in the same belief system. If you dare to speak your true feelings, these same people become indignant and storm out of your life. Even worse, they speak evil about us and campaign to get others to share their indignation in their need to be right.

In my lifetime, love has come and gone. Lifelong friends who have professed their love for me have vanished with hardly a spoken word. Even when the departure of friends and family is a mutual decision, the loss stings and is deeply painful. In reality was anything really lost? Was it pure love in the first place?

“I thought love was only true in fairy tales” are song lyrics that have been true for me. Friendships have recently entered into my life, showing me love and devotion that is breathtaking. These new friends simply enjoy me for being myself, without preconditions. My life is opening up in a deeply beautiful way and I am grateful. Endings are opening the door to beautiful new beginnings. I pray that one day pure love becomes the way of the world. “I’m a believer”.


-Lori Michelle


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