Poverty to Peace of Mind.


Without fear or reservations I choose to reveal my true nature and personal stories. This is the first of many to come. My heartfelt intention is to help others.  I hope I do.

Six years ago I was a successful business woman from New Jersey. I lived the All-American dream. As a married mother of three, I owned a beautiful home in an affluent New Jersey community, enjoyed family trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean, and lacked nothing. We were a family of means and enjoyed lots of “extra”. Extra money, extra time, extra everything.

I went from prosperity to poverty in a heartbeat. In the blink of an eye I was divorced, deaf and a disabled American. After dedicating my heart, soul and my life’s savings to Running on Love, I found myself in debt, on Medicaid, Food Stamps and a charity case myself. I made the decision to leave the only home I’ve ever known, America. Ironically, I came to the Middle East to find peace.

Some might say, “That’s nuts!” And my reply, “No, it is quite the contrary. It’s wildly wonderful.” In less than 24 hours and a flight from Newark Airport, I arrived home.  On an extremely modest income God has provided me, I have exactly what I need.

I chose to walk away from my possessions so that I could walk in freedom with God. I came to Israel with little more than a smile on my face and found peace of mind. I know more than ever that there is peace and joy in the middle of a horrible storm when we live by rule number one.

RULE NUMBER ONE: There is only ONE God and there is no other. God is REAL. God is LOVE. God is EVERYTHING. After God, absolutely everything is EXTRA.

Thank you God for EVERYTHING. I pray that people around the world will choose to read and be uplifted by my stories and share them. I pray that everyone is blessed with EXTRA!

With great love and gratitude,

Lori Michelle




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