Namaste is a beautiful concept. Learn more!

Namaste is a greeting which people use all the time. It is now commonly used as more people study and work to become enlightened and grow. People say it all the time to me and I didn’t truly know what this meant, until I looked it up. Namaste means “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”.  What a beautiful concept!

This is similar to another beautiful concept called Leilui Nishmat. This means “to elevate his soul”. Through the concept of Leilui Nishmat, the actions others do in this world in the name of someone who has passed on, increases his or her merit in heaven. In this tradition we perform acts of charity or kindness in memory of someone who has passed on so that their goodness is felt and remembered here in our world after they have gone on to the next.

Paying it forward is another principle we know. When something kind is done for us we choose to do something nice for someone else. Paying it forward can also be done through the concept of Leilui Nishmat. When we ask others to donate to charity in a loved one’s memory, we are engaging the world to help us elevate the soul who is no longer here. In essence we are helping others pay it forward.

The next time we consider fundraising for a cause, let’s consider the possibilities. Your actions have the power to lift a soul who has passed on, the soul who stepped forward to give, those who are helped by the charity you are supporting, as well as uplifting your very own. This is a tremendous pay it forward to say the least. What a phenomenal domino effect. Congratulations to YOU!

Lori Michelle


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