My Favorite Birthday Gift … One I Share with YOU

Babies are pure love and don’t want anything from us other than love, caring and affection. We all grow up learning to want more than a hug and a kiss or someone to make us laugh. That shiny new bicycle for our birthday makes us jump for joy, albeit it is short lived. The journey and quest to find new “things” that make us feel good grows over the years and we continue on our quest as teens and young adults.

Going to college is a blast filled with lots of hugs, kisses and laughter that we remember fondly. If we really thought about it, those are the only things we truly remember. The shopping trips to the mall and what we bought is barely a memory. Yet we labor through college and graduate to find the perfect well-paying job so that we can shop and buy more things we think we want and many things we truly need.

Today I am older, not younger. I embrace my age and love my life more than ever and have found that my life’s quest for more isn’t for more things, it’s for more love. Today on my 55th birthday after my daughter led the charge to build a new Running on Love website, we are delivering it to the world. It communicates the beauty of Running on Love in a joyful way and gives our beautiful organization wings to fly around the world. Running on Love is about giving of yourself actively in the name of someone you love. This is a supreme source of joy that is eternal.

The new Running on Love website is a birthday gift for me that I am grateful to share with YOU! I hope you will share this gift with everyone you know.

With love and gratitude,

Lori Michelle

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