Is there life after deaf?

5 years ago I recognized that I was going deaf. It was a realization that brought me to my knees in despair. Surely there are people who suffer from far worse life threatening and debilitating illnesses. This may be true, but for me hearing is connection. Hearing is laughter. Hearing is music. Hearing is love.

Knowing I would be deaf made me sick with fear. I worried I would be unable to work, earn a living, provide for my children, or take care of myself. I thought my future would be a tragic loss of all the people and things I loved. Running on Love helped me return to my joyful self. Through it, I devoted myself to giving love, the one language we all understand.

I am now deaf in my right ear and my left ear is rapidly going now too. I was approved for a Caption Call phone which was installed in my home the other day. It’s a special phone that provides me text captions of the other person’s conversation. It’s a great tool for the hearing impaired and a free service for those who qualify.

The beautiful angel who installed this new phone for me danced into my home announcing she was totally deaf. She has 2 cochlear implants after losing her hearing years ago to Meniere’s Disease. She was formerly a successful marketing executive when her hearing loss occurred. She now enjoys everything she did before. Her life is full and normal and she even enjoys music. She let me know there is life after deaf!

While she was still in my home I called to make the appointment. I am going to finally find the courage to meet with a surgeon. If my health insurance plan covers the surgery, I am going for it. I hope to enjoy life after deaf too!

Lori Michelle

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