If change is good, why can it hurt?

Growing up and growing older is part of the plan, and change from one phase to the next is supposed to be good. Why does it hurt? Why are beautiful moments like taking your child off to college filled with tears too?

I remember being 11 years old and waking up in the middle of the night feeling sad and frightened about growing up. My dad would hug me and comfort me and tell me everything was going to be alright and there was no reason to be scared. My response to him was “But Daddy, I am so happy and life is so wonderful that I want to freeze everything right now and not have anything change!” I of course grew up and things changed.

The movie “Back to the Future” with Michael Fox had beautiful message. If you change one decision that you’ve made you irrevocably change the future and risk losing all the beauty and love you enjoy now. Everything that happens to us is all part of our life and the time continuum.

My father passed away years later. His passing inspired me to run for charity in his loving memory. Because of this experience there is now Running on Love which inspires people to be charitable in the name of love. Fearing growing old at 11 didn’t prevent any of this from happening. Resisting and fighting the change only brought me more tears. With all of life’s bittersweet moments, painful losses, successes and failures, I’ve learned to embrace change as part of a wonderful journey called my life.

Lori Michelle

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