I love Mr. Potato Head but won’t be one!

When I was a kid I loved Mr. Potato Head. Old toys that I’ve grown up with make me giggle as I reminisce about simpler times in my life. I was shopping recently and spotted this Mr. Potato Head piggy bank. How adorable! My favorite childhood toy, Mr. Potato Head, is now my new charity piggy bank. When the feeling strikes me to give, I put money in Mr. Potato Head and save for others in need.

The giving habit is new for me. Giving wasn’t on my radar until I ran my first charity marathon in memory of my father. The experience of raising funds for charity to honor my dad changed me forever. Before my first marathon I never intentionally searched for causes in need. When fundraisers were sitting outside the grocery store there were times I said to myself “enough already, times are tough and I’ve just given to the cashier for the food bank”. It seemed like everybody was asking me for a donation.

Yes, I admit it. I felt overwhelmed by the dozens of requests to donate to the many causes in need. I look back now and think I was being a Potato Head! I was clueless how amazing it is to give. Late in life I learned a simple truth. Giving is love and love heals your soul. When I extended my hand to help someone else, it lifted my soul and brought me joy.

Giving can be absolutely intoxicating and addicting. Now, when I feel any resistance to give, I give more. I refuse to be a Potato Head at all costs. Now when I give, I can give to Mr. Potato Head and feel like a kid all over again. What a deal!

Lori Michelle

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