Help! I’m Addicted to THUMBS!

They don’t pay the bills, but they feel so good! 😉

As the president of the non-profit organization Running on Love I make decisions. While it’s true that charities are businesses that need to run as such, I find myself helplessly addicted to thumbs. My decisions should be based on economics but my driver just isn’t money. The truth is, non-profits need money to operate and fund our charitable goals.

Unicef released a hard hitting advertising campaign stating “Likes don’t save lives. Money does.” Wow, they are right, aren’t they? It sure would be nice to receive a donation of any amount from everyone who chooses to like our organization’s Facebook page. If everyone who liked us would also donate, Running on Love would travel the globe and heal the world through love and charity. A passionate dream come true: LOVE wins!

Each month I continue to fund the Running on love Facebook Like campaign. What the world doesn’t see is that I have a white board in my kitchen. Multiple times a day I check the Facebook page and change the number of thumbs. Each new thumb is a private celebration that one more person liked Running on Love. I also check to see where in the world they are from and do a little victory dance. If the number goes down by one, I have a quiet moment of personal mourning. I kid you not!

Love is my driver. I’m incurably addicted to thumbs and will continue to promote our page and celebrate everyone who joins our movement. Our following is growing and our message is spreading around the globe. One day, together, we will heal our world through love and charity.


-Lori Michelle

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