Driven to Earn Money

The other day I was interviewed for an internet podcast and was asked to explain the inspiration behind creating my marketing and event company, Inspired to Give LLC. In that moment, it crystalized what drives me in everything I do. The interviewer’s question led me to a lightbulb moment: I am driven to earn money, but money isn’t my driver. Giving is my driver, and giving is love.

People are driven to work hard to earn a good living. Parents are encouraged to educate their children so that they can enjoy a prosperous life. Many of us work diligently at jobs which are not always fulfilling, using extraordinary effort to earn enough to put a roof over our heads, food on the table, and clothing on our backs. Sometimes this doesn’t even leave room for other expenses like college tuition, medical expenses and a much needed vacation.

I deeply believe that giving is love. Love is the elixir that is energizing, and something we all can’t get enough of, no matter what. I am driven to earn more money because if I prosper I can gratefully give more to others and feel energized by being charitable. I created Inspired to Give with a unique marketing program to help everyone become prosperous when they are devoted to inspiring others to give. I am passionate to help corporations, charities and people band together and prosper. When we prosper we are strengthened and blessed to give more. More prosperity means more giving and more giving means we are energized by love. Love: Our true driver.

Join me in my quest for MORE! I am driven to prosper, but money isn’t my driver. My appetite for love is completely insatiable. Let’s band together and inspire others to be more giving and shamelessly prosper so that we can become more charitable to others. Email us to learn how.

Lori Michelle

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