Don’t forget I AM in the TEAM!

We are often told to remember, “There is no I in TEAM!” Any considerate person would agree that being self-centered when you are part of a team is completely unacceptable. While this is true, a TEAM is only as strong as the sum of its individual members.

When you join a TEAM, group or become part of a movement, it can be difficult to be true to yourself. We are often asked to compromise our beliefs and bend our rules for the collective good. Our world is full of instances where we are asked to conform to what the TEAM needs in order to attain its goals. Our faces become one with the TEAM and we find it impossible to listen to our own hearts. When we step outside the box, we are pulled back into it kicking and screaming. Our individuality is lost along with the very essence of what would make our TEAM not just successful but AWESOME!

Joining a TEAM and being willing to work for the collective good doesn’t mean your voice and identity has to conform or be nullified. Allow yourself permission to remain part of your TEAM while still showing your brilliance. Unabashedly shine your light to the world. Remember, I AM in the TEAM. Being SelfLESS doesn’t mean losing YOURSELF!

Join the Running on Love TEAM and bring your individuality to us! www.RunningonLove.org

Lori Michelle

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