Join the movement and connect the dots!

Endorphins are those wonderful chemicals that make us feel OH SO GOOD! Science proves that being physically active leads to the release of endorphins. Most of us have heard this before. But did you know that being charitable or even seeing others being charitable boosts your immunity? Being intentionally more loving and generous to others has been proven to help people recover from chronic pain, disability and depression. Studies have shown that wounds heal more rapidly when people are loving and supportive rather than when engaged in anger.

In a world where life is full of challenges people fall prey to depression and anxiety. Sometimes it’s hard to pull the covers from over our head and get up in the morning. It is wonderful to know that we have a built in way that provides us with natural antidepressants!

As challenging as this may sound when you are feeling down, we can choose joy and get happy by connecting the dots. Making the choice to be charitable and give your attention and love to someone else is a lasting source of joy. Putting a pair of sneakers on and going for a walk or run could make the difference between landing yourself in the doctor’s office instead of skipping home from work.

I know what I am going to choose the next time the blues come knocking at my door. I’m going to grab a pair of sneakers and let the wind blow through my hair, offer a hand to someone else who has it tougher than me, and show my love out loud and on purpose. I may even lose some belly fat in the process. What a perfectly selfish thing to do!

Lori Michelle

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