Be inspired to work like it’s your vacation!

I love vacations! When it is time to catch a plane for a vacation it doesn’t matter how little I’ve slept, I fly out of bed with a great big smile on my face and find myself with tons of energy, don’t you? If you could approach each day like you were boarding a plane to Bermuda, how much could you accomplish?

I believe we are all connected and part of one big family. Our decisions and actions can change the world. If we were inspired to do our work knowing that our success would benefit someone else and change their life for the better, we’d probably approach our workday differently. What if your prosperity allowed you to pay it forward and change the destiny of one child in need? Wouldn’t you be on fire to work harder so that you could give a little more? If a crystal ball revealed to a student that hard work and studying would result in becoming the scientist who finds a cure for cancer would that student be on fire to study harder?

Every morning I could approach my Running on Love workday like I was boarding a plane for vacation. As a result many more lives might be improved. I could inspire even more people to give until they felt great. Many more charities and families would receive help that otherwise might not receive anything. If I wake up every day and fly out of bed with exuberance and energy, whose life could I change for the better? Could I change yours?

Make a decision to wake up with renewed purpose to love more and give more than you thought was possible. Let’s create a movement of people who are passionate and on fire to give! Please join me and share your love and enthusiasm with others. At least one life will be better. YOURS!

Lori Michelle

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