Are you a Pomegranate, EGO-LESS?

The Avocado vs. the Pomegranate

Metaphorically, a person could be like an avocado or choose to be like a pomegranate. An avocado is a fruit of a tree that has tough skin which covers a delicious fruit that surrounds one hard seed. If you eat the fruit you still have the seed to grow another tree and more avocados.

Pomegranates are different. They are also a fruit of a tree that when you cut the skin it reveals many seeds surrounded by fruit, both of which are eaten. When you eat the seeds, nothing is left to plant or grow a new tree.

You might argue it is better to be the avocado being self-sufficient, only your own flesh under your skin and able to create more avocados by yourself. The pomegranate, a messier fruit, contains many seeds that when eaten leaves nothing behind to grow a new tree. You must leave the birth of new trees up to creation.

Consider the beauty of the Pomegranate. You are part of a delicious community of many seeds connected in sweetness and housed under one skin. The community lives and perishes together as one sweet fruit of a tree without concern of creating more. The pomegranate knows that the tree doesn’t truly come into being because of its own existence. Instead, it is focused purely on the collective goodness of the whole, and leaves creation up to the creator.

An avocado is like a person with an ego and a pomegranate is like the soul which is ego-less. Our souls know that creation isn’t up to us but up to our creator, and doesn’t worry about the outcome. Connected to our souls and not the ego, we are able to focus on everyone’s collective good, not just our own. I choose to be a pomegranate, but I love avocados none the less!

-Lori Michelle

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