give love

What will help heal our world? More love, sweet love.

Donations to Running on Love will enable us to further our mission to heal the world through love and charity.  Your benevolence will help us heal the world by empowering people to actively give support to causes they believe in as an expression of love. We provide tools and mentoring to help raise funds and awareness for any registered charitable cause.

The Running on Love program has improved lives and changed people’s perspective about charitable giving. (Our Impact) Giving that is done as an act of love and honor becomes a source of lasting joy and inspiration. This source of joy and well-being increases our desire to give even more. In a world where so many are in dire need, Running on Love can help educate and heal many.

Please donate generously to help us empower many more people to actively and lovingly support charity. Your donation has the potential to provide help to people and charitable organizations around the world.

Love is the common language of mankind. Help us unite the world under the umbrella of love.