Blogging for Love

I am part of DIVINITY. I am not my parts.

Some of my memories of growing up were painful both emotionally and physically. Revealing some deeply personal stories, I hope to shed light on an important life lesson. Often, very good people choose behavior and say things that can cause others deep pain. One day,

Poverty to Peace of Mind.

I AM HOME. Without fear or reservations I choose to reveal my true nature and personal stories. This is the first of many to come. My heartfelt intention is to help others.  I hope I do. Six years ago I was a successful business woma

Who is Being Go(o)d?

It depends upon the day. On a morning stroll I watched a driver trying to get his orientation when he noticed he was approaching a traffic light. A man across the street from me saw the driver pausing so he began to cross even though

Help! I’m Addicted to THUMBS!

They don’t pay the bills, but they feel so good! 😉 As the president of the non-profit organization Running on Love I make decisions. While it’s true that charities are businesses that need to run as such, I find myself helplessly addicted to thumbs. My

Are you a Pomegranate, EGO-LESS?

The Avocado vs. the Pomegranate Metaphorically, a person could be like an avocado or choose to be like a pomegranate. An avocado is a fruit of a tree that has tough skin which covers a delicious fruit that surrounds one hard seed. If you eat

Pure LOVE…I’m a Believer

In my life I have loved many. Even so, true love seems to elude me. I’ve read posts on social media written to people that sound warm, beautiful and filled with lots of symbols, exclamations and words of love, but I sometimes find myself wondering

Driven to Earn Money

Lori Michelle

The other day I was interviewed for an internet podcast and was asked to explain the inspiration behind creating my marketing and event company, Inspired to Give LLC. In that moment, it crystalized what drives me in everything I do. The interviewer’s question led me

Unified by LOVE

Lori Michelle

Watching the news these days can be deeply troubling. Television and internet stories about terror and murder are circulating at a frantic pace, serving to increase fear and hatred. They are stirring our emotions in ways that make many of us feel helpless. What exactly

My Favorite Birthday Gift … One I Share with YOU

Lori Michelle

Babies are pure love and don’t want anything from us other than love, caring and affection. We all grow up learning to want more than a hug and a kiss or someone to make us laugh. That shiny new bicycle for our birthday makes u

Join the movement and connect the dots!

Lori Michelle

Endorphins are those wonderful chemicals that make us feel OH SO GOOD! Science proves that being physically active leads to the release of endorphins. Most of us have heard this before. But did you know that being charitable or even seeing others being charitable boost

Her spirit lifted me and I knew what it meant to fly

Melanie Tolomeo

But he’s striving and driving and hugging the turns. And thinking of someone for whom he still burns. -“Going the Distance” – CAKE I started volunteering with Lori Michelle and Running on Love because I loved the concept of running in honor or memory of

When your best just isn’t enough… who loses?

Lori Michelle

Sometimes your best effort comes up short of what you want. I came to Israel to run the full 26.2 miles in the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday, March 21st, 2014 in loving memory of my father. They had a strict 6 hour time limit. After

Stepping in it and moving forward!

Lori Michelle

On a morning run I was enjoying the trails feeling great and thinking about what I should write in my weekly blog. A stone had apparently lodged into my sneaker so I reached down to flick it away. Later I reached into my fuel belt

If change is good, why can it hurt?

Lori Michelle

Growing up and growing older is part of the plan, and change from one phase to the next is supposed to be good. Why does it hurt? Why are beautiful moments like taking your child off to college filled with tears too? I remember being

Don’t forget I AM in the TEAM!

Lori Michelle

We are often told to remember, “There is no I in TEAM!” Any considerate person would agree that being self-centered when you are part of a team is completely unacceptable. While this is true, a TEAM is only as strong as the sum of it

Is there life after deaf?

Lori Michelle

5 years ago I recognized that I was going deaf. It was a realization that brought me to my knees in despair. Surely there are people who suffer from far worse life threatening and debilitating illnesses. This may be true, but for me hearing i

Be inspired to work like it’s your vacation!

Lori Michelle

I love vacations! When it is time to catch a plane for a vacation it doesn’t matter how little I’ve slept, I fly out of bed with a great big smile on my face and find myself with tons of energy, don’t you? If you

If it’s too hot in the kitchen, close the oven door!

Lori Michelle

My father was able to teach profound lessons in life in a way that few people are able to teach. With a glance he could deliver you a message that would pierce your heart and change your life. When I was about 23 I wa

I love Mr. Potato Head but won’t be one!

Lori Michelle

When I was a kid I loved Mr. Potato Head. Old toys that I’ve grown up with make me giggle as I reminisce about simpler times in my life. I was shopping recently and spotted this Mr. Potato Head piggy bank. How adorable! My favorite

Saying “I” in “I love you”

Lori Michelle

Expressing your love by saying “I love you” to someone else feels wonderful. Receiving the message feels almost intoxicating. Following up your words with actions is even better. I have previously written a blog about saying “I love you” and asked how often it i

Namaste is a beautiful concept. Learn more!

Lori Michelle

Namaste is a greeting which people use all the time. It is now commonly used as more people study and work to become enlightened and grow. People say it all the time to me and I didn’t truly know what this meant, until I looked