John Giessuebel
March 2012

“Running on Love and Lori has helped me change my life. Lori is a great person and has helped show me the rewards of giving to those in need. I am running in the NJ Marathon this year as a ROL member for The No Limits Foundation and ROL is helping me raise money. It is a great feeling to be getting healthy while helping others. I would have had a very hard time doing this on my own and am very thankful for the help and support of ROL.”


Melanie Tolomeo
September 2014

“There is something really life-changing about dedicating a challenge (like a race) to a loved one. I have not run more than 1 mile at a time in a few months, and I knew I was not on the path to win, but every time I was going to stop and rest I said to myself, ‘if my grandmother could raise 7 kids I can definitely keep going in this race!’ And her spirit lifted me and I knew what it meant to fly.”


Stefany Stoffel
September 2014

“Running on Love isn’t just an organization that I am apart of. It is now a part of me. This organization and the kindhearted people I have met along the way have taught me so much (big hugs and kisses to the founder Lori and her wonderful daughter Melissa). It has not only taught me more about giving back to others and raising more awareness for worthy causes, but it has made me a better and stronger individual. I am more thankful and appreciative to all of the blessings in my life. I guess you can say in a way my involvement with this organization (and the people) has helped me to find my voice and life passions a little more. I now stand up and use my voice for what I believe in, love and have passions for. Especially for the ones that really matter… all because of Running on Love. Running on Love has showed me and given me more love… and my mission is to give back the same.”


John Harvey Jr – DTM
July 28, 2011

“It is always a pleasure to work with Lori. She is an expert in what she does but is humble enough to seek and accept advice. She has been a great help to me personally in building my own charitable foundation from the ground up. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking help in charitable fundraising. Lori’s guidance has been invaluable, I have learnt a great deal from her.”


Suzanne Buggé
May 7, 2014

“The day was lovely, if a bit chilly, but Lori and her team kept us focused and warm with pre-race activities. Check in was smooth and the warm up drills kept us moving and ready for when that gun went off! It was great to see the smaller kids running with their parents and cheering each other on throughout the race. I haven’t run a race in many years and was somewhat apprehensive, but with such a diverse range of runners, I was totally OK. A pretty course, cheering spectators, and a rousing awards ceremony all helped make this a thoroughly enjoyable morning and a great way to raise money for charity!”

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