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Our mission is to heal the world through love and charity. We educate and mentor the public that giving to charity is love and a source of profound and lasting joy. Bringing people together under the umbrella of love, we encourage everyone to reach their charitable goals and go the distance for causes that they are passionate about. We teach that we don’t give until it hurts, but instead we give in the name of love and feel energized and uplifted by the experience.

Our organization mentors and inspires its participants to demonstrate their love through participation in any physically active event, either one our own Running on Love Events or any other. When you join Running on Love, you are given the opportunity to raise funds and awareness for a cause of your choosing in honor or memory of a loved one. Instead of focusing on loss or sadness, love and honor is the inspiration and motivation to be charitable.

Running on Love teaches us to focus on who we love and why they made our lives better. By shifting our focus to love, charitable giving becomes a joyful experience and we feel inspired to give more. Combining the 3 magical ingredients of love, physical action, and charity, brings true joy and satisfaction to everyone involved.


Running on Love has helped me change my life and it has helped show me the rewards of giving to those in need. I am very thankful for the help and support of Running on Love.

John G., Running on Love Participant

Who We Are

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