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Songs For Change

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Songs for Change was created as a program for musicians to accomplish two things:

1) Spark change in people’s souls by uplifting, inspiring and enhancing lives through music

2) Raise funds and awareness for charity through the success of originally composed music and performances

Any charity or team that has a Running on Love campaign can request to use a song from Songs for Change as an aid to raise more funds and awareness for their campaign.

Any musician who wants to connect their music to a beautiful and noble cause can dedicate a song, or two or three (!) to any cause of their choice or to an already existing Running on Love campaign, for love, charity and awareness.

dsc_1925Who should get involved?

Every musician who loves someone
Create a Songs for Change campaign in honor or in memory of someone they love benefitting any beneficiary of their choice, using your music as a tool to raise funds and awareness

Every musician who has a cause they are passionate about supporting
Create a Songs for Change campaign for the non-profit organization that you believe in supporting, dedicating it in honor or memory of a loved one, while using your music as a tool to raise funds and awareness

Musicians who want to break the mold and promote their music through doing good
Become a part of this team of musicians who use their music as a tool to raise funds and awareness, for love and charity

Volunteers who want to make a difference
Donate your skills in music production, songwriting, entertainment and/or film to help record and/or write music, create music videos connecting Songs for Change to different noble causes, organize concerts for love and charity, and much more

Sign up now to join the Songs for Change network and use your music for good!


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