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The “Running on Love” Story

Hello, I’m Lori Michelle. In April of 2007 I chose to run my first marathon for charity and in memory of my dad, a decision which has brought me a lifetime of incredible and heartwarming memories. Since then, I have run several marathons and half-marathons for charity, and learned about the powerful gift of giving to others. I have decided to create Running on Love – a non-profit, charitable organization, with the mission to “Give Love…Touch Lives,” in dedicated support of noble and worthy causes.

For those who have run marathons, it is commonly said that at the 20-mile mark of the 26.2-mile marathon, it becomes incredibly tough to keep going. Personally, I found it difficult to drink water, let alone take in the much-needed nourishment for fuel. So what in the world kept me going when I was running on empty? Pure and simple – I was Running on Love! Love for my dad to whom I dedicated my first marathon…love for my mother-in-law and father-in-law… love for my family… love for humanity… love for life itself!

Our life’s journey becomes deeply rewarding when we show our love, not only through our words, but through our actions as well. Running on Love is a metaphor of the way many of us live our lives. Just like reaching mile 20 of a marathon, there are those moments when we “hit the wall” and feel exhausted. We just don’t know how we can possibly take another step. What is the fuel that keeps us moving forward, and motivates us to keep on going? In a word, LOVE!

Running on Love is a charity dedicated to helping other non-profit organizations and people in distress and in a time of need. When you choose to Give Love and Touch Lives; your life will be filled with joy and a sense of fulfillment.

What is Running On Love’s mission?
Running On Love is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to provide unifying opportunities to bring people together from around the world under the banner of love in a physically active and empowering way.  Our events provide a place where people ban together in bringing attention and charitable donations for worthy causes in honor or memory of someone they love.

Running on Love causes you can sponsor:
We will help you give your help and support to a registered non-profit organization of your choosing. Running on Love will also help you provide assistance to individuals in their hour of distress and need that have a chosen charitable sponsor who will appropriate the funds raised for their needs.

Let’s work together to Give Love and Touch Lives! Please donate generously by clicking here! Be assured that your donations will help provide care for those in their hour of need!

Thank you for your help and your support!

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