Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Running on Love only about running?

A: No! Running on Love is a metaphor. Love is what we run on and propels us to go forward. At Running on Love, we show our love for others through charitable action and participation in a physical event. This event can be running, walking, biking, dancing, or whatever you would like.

Q: Why should I sign up with Running on Love?

A: When you sign up for Running on Love, you are given the opportunity to connect with other charitable teammates to raise money for the charity closest to YOUR heart, in honor or in memory of someone you love. ROL provides you access to many events, hands on coaching, a personalized fundraising webpage to help you collect donations, mentoring, and support from your fellow teammates.

Q: How do I join Running on Love?

A: You may join our team with an annual donation of $36. This provides you with a Running on Love race material t-shirt, a fundraising webpage that you can personalize and access to coaching support and group runs and walks.

Q: When I join Running on Love do I need to register for my chosen event too? Why can’t I just register with Running on Love?

A: ROL participates in events hosted by other organizations. Our team members may choose to participate in any event of their choosing and make their event a Running on Love event. For these events you would join our annual membership and register for the event for which you would like to participate.

Q: What is the criterion used in selecting a charity?

A: Running on Love is an approved 501(C)(3). The cause you seek to support must be an approved charity with official charity credentials.

Q: What if I don’t raise the suggested fundraising goal?

A: ROL is an incentive based fundraising organization. We suggest fundraising goals that are meant to inspire and not discourage. You will have plenty of time and support to raise your fundraising goal. However, if you don’t reach this goal there is no penalty.

Q: What percentage of money goes directly to the foundation of my choice?

A: 25% is donated to ROL to further it’s mission to “Give Love and Touch Lives,” and 75% is donated to your chosen charity. 100% of the donation given is a charitable donation and tax deductible to the donor.

Q: How do I raise money for my charity?

A: Once you sign up to become a team member, you are asked what event you would like to participate in and what cause you would like to support with your fundraising dollars. You will be given a fundraising webpage which you can customize with your own photo and message. We will also support you by creating fundraising events for you to help raise money and reach your goals.

Q: I want to be part of a relay team, but I don’t have a team. Is there a team I can join?

A: We will do our best to find teammates for you, however, we cannot guarantee that we can. It is best to create your own relay team for the event you are choosing.

Q: I can’t participate in the race but I want to contribute. What can I do?

A: We would love to welcome you to our team and need volunteers that are devoted to helping with our mission. Volunteers are needed in many areas including event participation, fundraising events, social networking, and publicity.

Corporate Sponsorship Questions

Q: Where does my money go? What does Running on Love do with the money donated?

A: Any funds that are donated to Running on Love help pay for business overhead, promotion, and the staffing support of its team members and events. All proceeds beyond the cost of doing business will be donated to official charities in need of assistance at the end of each year.

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