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“Running on Love opened my eyes to the fact that actively giving to others is powerful, uplifting and profoundly healing.”

–Lori Michelle, Founder and President of Running on Love

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Blogging For Love

Who is Being Go(o)d?

It depends upon the day. On a morning stroll I watched a driver trying to get his orientation when he noticed he

Are you a Pomegranate, EGO-LESS?

The Avocado vs. the Pomegranate Metaphorically, a person could be like an avocado or choose to be like a pomegranate. An avocado

Driven to Earn Money

Lori Michelle

The other day I was interviewed for an internet podcast and was asked to explain the inspiration behind creating my marketing and

Unified by LOVE

Lori Michelle

Watching the news these days can be deeply troubling. Television and internet stories about terror and murder are circulating at a frantic

Don’t forget I AM in the TEAM!

Lori Michelle

We are often told to remember, “There is no I in TEAM!” Any considerate person would agree that being self-centered when you

Is there life after deaf?

Lori Michelle

5 years ago I recognized that I was going deaf. It was a realization that brought me to my knees in despair.

Saying “I” in “I love you”

Lori Michelle

Expressing your love by saying “I love you” to someone else feels wonderful. Receiving the message feels almost intoxicating. Following up your



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